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Life at Honeycroft Farm

Monday 22nd April 2024

At least we have had a sunny and dry weekend for a change helping to dry the land out. We have never, in the 50 years that we have been here, been so late in letting our cattle out to grass and they are desperate to go out – every time that I go within sight they let me know. Maybe freedom in the next couple of days?

Fortunately lambing has finished temporarily, or so we’d thought. Having checked a group of ewe lambs that are due to lamb in June I found a newborn lamb following its mum around. Don’t know how that happened as the ram was supposed to be safely away from them. Miraculous conception?? However, mum and her ewe lamb are both well.

Last week, sadly we lost both of our guinea pigs, Sammie and Sally who occupy the run on the lawn outside Honeysuckle Cottage along with Tortie. (our 40+ year old Tortoise) This caused a huge disappointment to our grandchildren. Luana didn’t need much persuading to find some replacements! Needless to say having taken three grandchildren to help her choose she came back with three, Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte who now share the outside run with Torty our approx. 50yo tortoise.

Tuesday 23rd April

Finally it has dried up sufficiently to turn the cattle out but having gathered the grandchildren around to watch them hop, skip and jump with delight it was very much an anti climax as they just ran to the furthest point and started to eat the fresh grass leaving the kids wondering what all the fuss was about.

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